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4 Beginner Tips To Choosing The Right Model For Your First Restoration Project

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If you are a car enthusiast, there may be a favorite car that you remember from your childhood and would like to purchase and restore. Hold your horses and think before you buy your first project. There are some questions you want to ask and some decisions you are going to have to make. You favorite, rare, and limited-edition model classic may not be the best choice for your first classic restoration project. Here are the beginner tips to help you choose the perfect first restoration project.

1. Rare Models and The Impossible Money Pits They Become

Having a rare model car is something that you may dream of and want to begin restoring. If you have a solid car that has been yours for years and only needs basic repairs and restoration to the interior and a new paint job, this can be a good project. This is not the case with most rare car restoration projects that beginners take on. Usually, these types of projects become money-pits that are nearly impossible to complete. Exotic and rare model cars often are difficult to find replacement parts for to do repairs and when you do find the parts you need to complete repairs, it is likely that they are going to be extremely expensive.

2. Deciding A Budget and Getting A Base to Start Your Restoration

The budget for your auto restoration project is the first thing you will want to decide on. This affects your choice when choosing your first restoration project. Some popular cars from major manufacturers have parts that are widely available, as well as parts that are interchangeable between different models. With a model that has more interchangeable parts, you can do restorations on a lower budget. If you choose exotic models, imports or cars from manufacturers that have gone out of business, expect to have a harder time finding parts. When the parts are difficult to come by, you are going to need more cash in your budget to successfully complete your restoration project.

3. Original or Custom: What Kind of Auto Restoration Will You Do

There is also the choice of doing an original or custom restoration for your project. With common car models and easy-to-find parts, an original restoration can be fun and affordable. If you have a rare model car that it is difficult to find parts for, sometimes custom restorations are practical if you want to complete a project. Custom restorations with modern tech and auto performance can also be great to convert your classic into a daily driver. It is important to remember that custom restorations take a lot of skill and can often be expensive depending on the customization work you do to your car.

4. Treasure Hunts to Find the Finishing Touches That Complete Auto Restorations

Treasure hunting for parts in places like salvage yards, old barns, and any other place you find old cars is going to become your hobby when doing auto restorations. This is something that can be fun and can help you find original parts to complete repairs and add the finishing touches to your car. Another option for your parts treasure hunt is finding a junk parts car that you can buy to use the parts off and complete your restorations. When looking for a parts car, you want to find one that is intact and has as many parts as possible for you to use in restorations. The car does not have to be perfect or solid, it only must have parts you can use and an affordable price tag.

These are some beginner tips to help you choose the perfect first restoration project. When you have your restoration project drivable, contact a tire maintenance service for help with repairs to the suspension and finding the best rims and tires for your car.