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4 Ways An Auto Body Shop Can Fix Your Car After A Hailstorm

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When a big hailstorm hits, you hope your car is safely inside of your garage. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes a hailstorm hits when your car is parking out in the open at work, or when you are stuck in traffic. An auto body shop can help fix up your vehicle after it has been in a hailstorm.

#1 Fix Windshield Cracks

After a hailstorm, it is common to have little cracks in your windshield. If the cracks are small and only extend less than a few inches, it may be easy to repair the cracks. An auto body shop can easily fill in and repair cracks in your windshield. They use a special material to fill in the cracks so that they don't continue to spread. This works best on small cracks that have not increased in size.

#2 Replace Your Windshield

If the hailstorm was particularly intense and you have lots of cracks on your windshield, it may be in your best interest to forego trying to repair your windshield and just replace the windshield. When you have too many cracks, or very large cracks, the structural integrity of your windshield is compromised.

Luckily, replacing a windshield is an easy task. All the auto body shop has to do is take off your review mirror, pop out the old window, and put the new window in place. This can usually be accomplished in under an hour, with a couple of hours of drying time necessary for the adhesive that holds the window in place before you can get back on the road.

#3 Remove Dents

Hailstorms don't just harm your windshield; they often hurt the body of your vehicle as well. Most of the dents from a hailstorm only cause cosmetic damage to your vehicle, but they can still be unsightly and lower the overall value of your vehicle.

The dents can be removed through a variety of processes. Generally, auto body shops are able to pull out and fix dents to your vehicle without having to replace your body panel.

#4 Paint Over Dents & Damage

Dents don't just damage the structure of your vehicle; they also damage the paint as well. Hail can take the paint right off your car when it causes a dent, and if the hail doesn't remove the paint, oftentimes the paint can be damaged while fixing the dent.

An auto body shop can repair any paint damage to your vehicle that was caused by the hailstorm, making your vehicle look like it's in new condition.

After a hailstorm, your windshield may be damaged, you may have dents on the body of your vehicle, and paint may be missing as well. An auto body shop can work with you to get your vehicle back into good working shape so that it looks as good as it did before the hailstorm hit.

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