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3 Great Accessories To Put Inside Your Freightliner Truck For Long-Distance Driving

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Working full-time as a trucker can be fun and rewarding. However, to ensure you're ready for these long-distance journeys, you need to equip the right things in your freightliner truck. These three accessories in particular are advantageous to have. 

Navigation System 

At some point, you're going to come across cities you've never been to before. Instead of trying to read a map or guessing your way through, you should just equip a navigation system in your freightliner truck. These systems can be professionally installed and feature a lot of great amenities. 

For example, there are some systems that provide access to traffic and weather updates. Most importantly, these systems enable you to hear and see accurate directions. You thus never have to worry about missing an exit or being in the wrong line when it comes time to turn. You just can relax knowing you're always headed in the right direction. 

Bluetooth Headset 

If you plan on using your phone to communicate on the road instead of a CB radio, then you'll certainly need a Bluetooth headset. As long as your phone has Bluetooth connectivity, you can direct your calls to these headsets and talk hands-free. You can thus put more attention on the road and avoid getting into a collision.

There are Bluetooth headsets made specifically for the trucking industry, which gives you access to noise cancellation technology. So when you're driving on a busy, loud highway, you won't have to hear anything when this headset is properly equipped. A lot of these headsets also feature boom microphones to ensure your speech is always heard clearly from the other end. 


There will be times when your deadlines are tight and you can't afford to stop for food. You still have to eat, though. This is possible if you equip a mini-fridge inside your freightliner truck.

As their name implies, these fridges aren't very large. You therefore don't have to worry about them taking up a lot of space inside the cab of your truck. Despite being small, you can still store plenty of drinks and food items inside. Just make sure the mini-fridge you purchase has a USB power connection. It will then be easier to power on the go. 

Life as a freightliner trucker can be a joyous adventure every day, so long as you equip the right accessories inside your truck. The aforementioned amenities above can drastically improve your trucking experiences, no matter where your road adventures take you. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking at used freightliner trucks for sale as well.